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French Cooking That Will Make You Feel Chic and Important, Episode 1

June 4, 2012

Notes and recipes for this episode:

  • The salad recipe was inspired by the salade verte at Le Pichet in Seattle. I always feel very chic when I eat there. Jess Thomson, one of my favorite local food writers, has the original recipe here.
  • You can get a crusty baguette sandwich with griddled onions and thyme aioli, all wrapped up in brown parchment paper, at Belle Epicurean in Seattle. I love visiting their downtown location on dreary June-uary workdays. They now have an advance online ordering system, which comes in handy at lunchtime. Ah, the black-and-white checkerboard floor … the warm, buttery smells spilling out onto Fourth Avenue …
  • To make the sandwich at home,  slice a sweet yellow onion crosswise into thick wedges. Wedges work well here because they will give the finished sandwich more heft. Cook the onions in a few tablespoons of butter or oil over medium heat until they soften and brown at the edges. The wedges should fall apart in the pan. Combine a few tablespoons of mayonnaise with some chopped fresh thyme and lemon zest, and spread the aioli on both sides of a crusty baguette section. Layer the onions on the baguette with a few thin slices of Gruyère cheese.
  • Re: An efficient method for straining rhubarb syrup that will not make your kitchen look like it was involved in a paintball fight, I am as puzzled as Guillaume. Luckily, Heidi at 101 Cookbooks is not, and her photos of the process are lovely, as usual.
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