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One Pie To Rule Them All

January 3, 2017

Jules and I were on our way to New Year’s brunch at Lark when we discovered the new Seattle outpost of Portland-born Sizzle Pie. The place serves several vegetarian and vegan pies and is open late. Its advertising copy is partial to bold and/or angry demands re: pizza, which I firmly support. I haven’t even taste-tested a slice yet, and I still managed to order this Sizzle Pie T-shirt as a New Year’s gift from me to me.

But the demand we saw at their Seattle location far outstrips Fierce Pizza Cat. Observe:

1) A message from Sizzle Pie

2) Bright Horizons Preschool Playground

I laughed. On my mind’s back burner, a memory of a certain Oompa-Loompa-hued presidential candidate inviting children to tour his private jet bubbled over. But still, I laughed.

“I”m sorry—did you go to this preschool?” Jules asked. “Because that would explain a lot.”

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